Quality assurance

Hundreds of our customers are the result of our many years of work and the greatest proof of the quality of our products. We purchase raw materials only from leading European enterprises with international certification. The paper, glue and paints we use in production are absolutely harmless to food, human health and the environment. Our approval is based on certificates issued by international organizations and test results carried out by experts.

Another confirmation of Yedidogan’s quality indicators is the international ISO 9001:2015 certificate, food conformity certificate, TDS certificates and licenses.

iso sersifikat

We guarantee the strength, durability and portability of each of our bags and other products. Each product that we manufacture reaches the buyer after it is manufactured in accordance with the Yedidogan standard and undergoes quality control. If a customer complains about our quality after the sale, their complaints are taken into account and their wishes are satisfied.

The happiness of our employees, customers and users motivates us to work even harder. We are very happy to see our people using our products. Because consumers know that they have a high-quality, environmentally friendly product in their hands!

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