Our quality is the primary reason of our reputation.


The exceeding number of customers achieved through industrious labor is massive proof of the qualitative property of the products we produce. We get our raw materials only from internationally certified, leading European companies. The papers, glues, and paints we utilize in manufacturing are benign to the environment and human health. These statements are supported by the certificates handed by international organizations and the results of inspections conducted by experts.
We guarantee every one of our bags, sacks, and other outputs to be firm, flexible, and weight-resistant. Every product of our manufacture complies with Yedidogan standards and is conveyed to customers after it passes a quality-control assessment. In case of dissatisfaction with the quality of the product after its transaction, the complaints of the customers are taken into consideration to meet their requirements.
Moreover, our specialists who have been educated in foreign countries have individual approaches to every single customer. They provide customers with step-by-step information throughout the entire process, starting from order processing, and manufacture, to purchase transactions, thus retaining stable communication.
Additional proofs of the qualitative index of Yedidogan enterprise are International Certificate ISO 9001:2015, food compliance certificate, TNS Certificate, and licenses.
The satisfaction of our customers and end-users, who are our nation, is an incentive to display even more labor. Seeing the utilization of our products by our population is incessant happiness for us. Because, consumers know as well, that the good they hold in their hands is of high quality and harmless to nature.
Every consumed product of the Yedidogan enterprise represents huge support for our mission of environmental protection.

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