Who are we?

Yedidogan is one of the first companies that has managed to protect the ecology of our country and the environment that we live in. Not only do we recognize ourselves to be producing paper packaging products but also, we see ourselves as a group of people aimed to reduce, at a possibility, completely eradicate the damage to our nature that’s inflicted by human beings.
Since the years of the industrial revolution, the limitless consumption of hydrocarbon products has contaminated our air, water, and harvest, in a nutshell, our lives. Deaths of birds, turtles, and other creatures, generations of whom are endangered, induced by swallowing polyethylene bags, rubber, microplastics, and other products of a synthetic kind is a major wake-up call for us to initiate transformative actions in this regard. So to speak, what is the meaning of using artificial products to satisfy our needs and by doing so, destroy our future while we can easily obtain those products from nature?
To insert our contribution to reducing this damage that humans impose upon themselves, we, the Yedidogan enterprise, have set out on a laborious trip to increase the level of environmental awareness among our population, replacing the detrimental products with alternatives that are harmless to the environment and human health, acquainting our country with the eco-culture and making it thrive.
Since 2017, our enterprise has begun to operate. Our factory, located in the industrial zone of Anew, has earned a living to our sincere fellow citizens. According to our internal policy, all of the staff members go through ecological discussions, training, and educational lectures. Recently, we’ve embarked on an incremental mission to weed out plastic products from our everyday life. Because change must always be initiated from within ourselves.

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